Puck & Pearl: Exploring Childhood & Parenting

Puck & Pearl



1527604149364Puck and Pearl is an aesthetic exploration of childhood and motherhood.  Through books, imaginings, ditties, and illustrations (My own) I try to tell the story of parenting a boy and a girl….the struggle, the joy, and the ins and outs of the concrete and the magical.

I am a psychologist, artist and mother. For my other blog, I often write on topics related to psychology and therapy (eating disorders, depression, anxiety)….but, as a mother  I am finding myself drawn to writing about topics related to my current day to day life, and the psychology of childhood.

I am inspired by dreams, images, the unconscious material of my children, and their imaginative play.  Besides my training in psychology, I have also undergone training to become a certified parenting coach with Hand in Hand Parenting.  I have found the techniques inspiring, and they dovetail nicely with knowledge gained from psychologists such as Winnicott, Klein, Faiberg, Dan Seigel and more.

Throughout you will read some anecdotes on how I’ve dealt with challenging parenting moments.  Many of the techniques are drawn from the Hand in Hand arsenal created by Patty Wipfler, through her experience educating children over thirty years.  Other techniques are just gleaned from instinct or other understandings, and I will elaborate, where necessary, on the source or concept that I am drawing from.

Puck & Pearl are imaginary names to refer to my children borrowed from literature to maintain their privacy.  I hope you will respect our simultaneous wish to share our life with you, while preserving anonymity.

In my past, I have pursued several hobbies and careers.  After I graduated from college, I tried my hand at fine art painting.  I did portrait commissions, worked for the Philadelphia Mural Arts Programs (painted two murals of my own design), matriculated in an MFA program, and then dropped out in order to pursue a doctorate in Clinical Psychology instead.   While pursuing my graduate studies I continued to paint, although my paintings became much smaller as I was confined to working in a tiny NYC apartment.  In 2006, I joined the band By Night With Spear as the lead female vocalist, a shoegaze, post-punk band started by one of my psychology classmates.  Check out our music here: http://myspace.com/bynightwithspear

That’s my artwork on the cover.

When I am at work, I am fully focused on my clients.  I don’t reveal anything about my private life.  I don’t really get to share my musical or artistic ability.  Finally, in mothering Puck & Pearl, I feel that I am using all of myself: my love of music when I sing to them, my love of art when sharing books with beautiful illustrations, all of which, I will share with you, too!


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