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Tell a Friend: You Are a Good Mama | Raising Kvell


Oh my gosh, I had to re-post this (see link below) on my blog because reading this moved me.  It encourages women to tell each other they’re a good mama. Reading it made me cry, for real.  I hadn’t even realized the extent to which the people in my life DON’T give me positive feedback.  I hope it’s not because I’m doing such a bad job!  It’s only in the lowest moments, that I wonder if they really disapprove.  Most of the time, I think people are just too busy or afraid (it’s reallly quite emotional) to express appreciation, too inarticulate, or too self-focused.

But honestly, I think it’s yet another reason that parenting babies is insane: the complete absence of any appreciation! To expect it from your children is unrealistic and unfair.  And everyone else seems much more interested in doling out advice…..hmmmmm…  So, thanks everyone for all of the helpful advice?!

Being a stay-at-home mom is a particularly grueling job.  Most of my mommy friends remark that going to work feels like vacation.  I agree: I’m at work one day a week, and it feels like a day off.

This post is dedicated to all the stay-at-home moms (and dads) who go on day after day trying to be the best mom (or dad) they can be, despite the hardship, the loneliness, the sacrifice of a career, and the absence of positive feedback. I know you’re not doing it for the reward or the feedback- if you were, there would be little fuel to go on. So you’re in the mommy and daddy fields because it’s hardwired into you to give your babies everything in your power to give…

I decided to choose one dear friend to tell this to. I have two things to say about the experience: 1) I can’t believe it took me this long to tell her I think she’s a good mom 2) I can’t believe that I had to do it in a text because it was too emotional for me to do in person. Wow.

If you’re around any mom friend, wife, daughter, or daughter-in-law, and if you see anything you like about her parenting, go ahead and tell her she’s a good mamma- it might just touch her and make her feel seen by a fellow adult.

So here you have it:

Tell a Friend: You Are a Good Mama | Raising Kvell.


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