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Sleep 3-4 Months

We did it!  We finally were able to get A to sleep in a new way!

I don’t even know how the transition happened.  Remember that in earlier months I put A to sleep every night and for every nap in the carrier with music in tow.

Slowly, probably due to fatigue on my part, I started to try to put him down on our bed surrounded by a bunch of pillows.  I created a little pillow cave or womb for him.  At this point, he was still not moving much.  He’d stay in the position that I put him in, always on his back.  By 4 months, he began to turn to his right side when he was tired.  But still, not much movement.  I’d then place my iphone with his favorite music playing on one of the pillows.  I’d then pat him to sleep, possibly whispering in his ear a bit, snuggling close by (yes, I was often tired t00).

The timing seems critical.  Usually, from 3-4 months of age I’d count two hours from the last time he woke up.  Now at 7 months, it’s more like 3 hours between naps.  Mostly though, I watch him for sleep cues: yawning, rubbing of the eyes, growing frustration while playing, quick shifts in mood (from laughing to crying).  Sometimes I get it wrong and I put him to nap too early, when he’s clearly still awake and wanting to play.  But I continue to watch and learn.

My next post will document our night time sleep ritual, which we developed around 4 1/2 months and have still kept.


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