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Baby’s First Images

It’s not only because of my love of art that I could not wait to share images with baby A.


It took A weeks to open his eyes, and then as you probably know, babies’ eye sight is not so good, (though constantly improving).  Baby A turned 4 weeks, and I began to place art cards in front of him.  He had a set of art cards, a hand me down from his older cousin, that he cared very little for.  But then, I introduced him to a couple of high contrast images that stole his heart immediately.  He was hooked.

The first is the Black & White Board Book by Tana Hoban.  It’s even better in real life.  You can unfold the entire book so that baby is surrounded by these images.  You can put it in their crib.  A would stare for long minutes, as we marveled at his attention span.


Then, we introduced the Manhattan Toy Wimmer-Ferguson Infant Stim-Mobile for Cribs. If you read my other post, you know that A hated to be changed…and would protest mercilessly when we did.  That changed completely when we put the mobile above his changing table.  He was suddenly mesmerized.  At first, he was taken by the black and white shapes, but later was engaged with the color images just as well.  I got some of my best shots of him under this mobile, which soon unleashed buckets full of smiles, and smiles and smiles…..those are really the best.  And the fact that they are brought on by images, makes this artsy mom very proud.



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